Indian Geography

Indian Geography would include topics on Indian – Geology, Physiography, Drainage, Climate, Vegetation, Soils and Economic and Human Geography.

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Types of soil in India

What are types of soil in India? All types of soil in India display a wide diversity because of the variation in the climate, relief and vegetation. Soil is the […]

Natural Vegetation of India

What is natural vegetation of India? Natural vegetation of India is perfectly in tune with its relief and climatic conditions. The natural vegetation of India has a long history as […]

Indian Climate

How Indian climate works?        Indian climate is par excellence as it experiences almost all types of climatic zones of the world. Indian climate contains hot desert type climate on […]

Indian Drainage System

What is Indian drainage system? Indian drainage system can be defined as a network of channels through which the river water flows in a well defined manner in India. The flow […]

Indian Geography

Introduction to Indian Geography Study of Indian geography is intriguing as well as interesting because of the fact that it is as diverse and varied as the culture of India. […]