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Why Best UPSC Coaching In Nagpur?

Rahul Sir’s IAS Academy is the best UPSC Coaching  in Nagpur because it caters to all the needs of an IAS aspirant.If one goes through the pattern of the exam, it can be easily seen that the selection after all depends upon how one performs the Mains. The mains examination is all about how well you write. For this we have a regular answer writing practice every day. Every  subject is divided into 3 to 4 sections. Once a section of the subject is completed, there is a test (MCQ as well as written). Once the subject is complete, there is another test (MCQ and written).



Similarly when the entire course is complete, there is a full comprehensive test series. For all the tests taken, a candidate gets a personalized feedback. Another key point is that similar pattern is used for Optional subjects as well. Those who qualify mains also get a series of Mock Interviews. Thus as a result of all these, the academy is among the best UPSC classes in Nagpur as well as Central India. As long as a candidate is willing to work hard the academy would emphatically do all the efforts to surely ensure a candidate’s success. On the whole the mentoring program is unquestionably the best

What is the fees for UPSC coaching Nagpur

  UPSC coaching in Nagpur fees is not as exorbitant as in Delhi. The fees structure for an integrated course is in the range of Rs 70000/- to Rs 1 Lac. There are some classes who do it for Rs 50000/-, but they are not worth it as they are in the business of cheating the students. They charge less and deliver nothing. New aspirants do not know the vastness and depth of the syllabus. These classes take advantage of this fact and haphazardly deliver the content giving no value addition to the students. The syllabus also include optional subjects. The fake classes don’t even mention them. They also inflate their presence on the internet through paid reviews. Any aspirant who is seriously pursuing UPSC, must take a cognizance of why some IAS coachings in Nagpur are delivering it at such low prices.

Which coaching is best for UPSC in Nagpur?

 The choice of top UPSC coaching in Nagpur should depend upon the kind of mentorship that IAS coaching provides and not the UPSC classes fees. Many aspirants search for UPSC classes near me and end up making a bad choice. This approach not only wastes their money but also their time. Many UPSC classes in Nagpur are run by people who have nothing to do with UPSC. The sole purpose is to mint money by cheating the aspirants. Any aspirant must first esquire about the credentials of those who run it i.e. do those people have ever themselves got any UPSC exposure in terms of clearing Prelims, Mains or Interview. If these inquiries are not made then what is the cost of UPSC course for them? They would end up loosing their money and the precious time. Candidates should also look into the blogs on their websites to know how serious these people are.

Is Nagpur good for UPSC preparation?

Nagpur is in fact the best place for UPSC preparation in central India. There are fairly good coaching institutes that offer a good program. But one must apply due diligence while joining a class. There are a few classes that offer the course at a very low price but such institutes are only there for cheating the candidates a they do nothing. Their courses are conducted in a haphazard manner giving no value to the students. 

UPSC Coaching In Nagpur
IAS Coaching Classes In Nagpur

Rahul Sir’s IAS Academy is best IAS Coaching Class In Nagpur because it is driven by the philosophy that“ the first and most important step toward success is the feeling that we can succeed.” The founder Mr. Rahul Tajnekar who is BE (Mechanical) from Delhi College Of Engineering, has a varied and vast experience in Industry, Finance and Teaching. He has been training Civil Services aspirants for the past 10 years. Before founding the academy he was heading ADCC IAS Academy, which is a Meghe Group Company and was the best IAS coaching class in Nagpur. A career in Civil Services has been the most sought after career in India since Independence. Hence there is a need for an efficient training system which will provide some hand-holding and knowledge to the students. During the covid period this academy was also amongst the best UPSC online classes in Nagpur.

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