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Sociology Optional

Sociology Optional

In the entire Central India, Rahul Sir’s IAS Academy is the only class which provides for a comprehensive guidance for Sociology Optional. Additionally there are other optional subjects as well which are on the platter. The list of other optional subjects is given below e.g. AnthropologyPolitical Science etc. There are many benefits of going for Sociology Optional. This can be seen as Sociology Optional’s Paper II has many topics that are common with General Studies Syllabus. For instance GlobalizationSocial Issues In IndiaSocial Movements etc. 

  So obviously Sociology Optional has a markedly different advantage as compared to other Optional subjects. Moreover Sociology as subject is easy to comprehend because one lives in a society. So everything you study in Sociology is straight away in some way or the other is related to your life. Another key point is that Sociology Optional adds to one’s enlightenment as one studies – Religion, Education, Politics, Stratification, Family etc. Because of all this subject certainly becomes an interesting subject.

Sociology Optional And Essay

As shown above, since Sociology covers virtually all aspects of your life it immensely contributes to Essay paper of the Mains examination. Interestingly the Essay Paper is divided into 2 sections. Firstly abstract topics and secondly current events and social issues. By studying Sociology Optional a candidate gets a variety of choice from the topics mentioned. Although this may be true that Essay has to be written in a general way, but still the knowledge of Society comes explicitly handy while tackling essay topics. Moreover the answer writing skills one develops while studying the subject eventually helps one in writing good quality essays.

Main Courses:

  • Complete Integrated Course 
  • Prelims, Mains, Optional, Test Series
  • Prelims Crash Course
  • Prelims Guarantee Program
  • UPSC Answer Writing Program

Optional Subjects:

  • Sociology
  • Anthropology
  • Public Administration
  • Psychology
  • History
  • Geography 

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