Top IAS Classes In Nagpur

Top IAS Classes In Nagpur

    When one looks for top IAS Classes in Nagpur, it is significantly important that one gets the desired results for what they pay. Accordingly a candidate has to pay attention to some aspects, the most important being a regular answer writing practice. Most of the IAS classes in Nagpur do not give much attention to this aspect of UPSC reality. The structure of the exam is such that the selection ultimately depends upon the way you write. When candidates visit these classes they don’t even enquire about this aspect. They only try to negotiate on the fees.

   If a comparatively low fees  is offered, they opt for it. Correspondingly they are unlikely to get any result either. More importantly the cheap classes are in essence expensive. Whenever the candidates opt for a class, they should opt the one that provides for a Mentorship program. The aim of a class should be an association till  you get selected rather than just completing the syllabus.


Top IAS Classes In Nagpur Vs UPSC Classes In Delhi

  Delhi has been traditionally a fortress for UPSC preparation since decades. But the moot point is, whether it necessary to go to Delhi for UPSC preparation? A simple answer to this question is a resounding ‘no’. Top IAS classes in Nagpur can also offer the same features that Delhi Classes offer. Here are some of the reasons for not going to Delhi for UPSC preparation:-

Firstly, nobody gets selected just because of a class. It all depends upon the hard work and effort put in by the candidate.

Secondly, UPSC classes in Delhi are expensive. Moreover the lodging and boarding charges are exorbitant. The total expenditure is in the range of 4 – 5 Lakhs for 1year.

Thirdly, Delhi classes are run in a commercial manner with no mentorship and hand holding. As soon as the syllabus is complete, they ask you to leave.

Fourthly, Delhi classes especially the famous ones have a batch strength of 250 to 300. This makes it impossible to have interactive sessions.

Fifthly, Climate in Delhi is extreme i.e. very hot and very cold. Candidates fall sick if they are not familiar with such a sultry weather.

Sixthly, the results in the form of selections they claim are usually fake. If a mains cleared candidate attends 2-3 mock interviews and eventually gets selected, these classes claim he/she was completely trained by them.

 Thus, these are some of the reasons that a candidate should pursue a class amongst the top IAS classes in Nagpur only.