Chalcolithic Phase

Chalcolithic Phase      Towards the end of the Neolithic period, metals like bronze and copper began to be used. The first metal to be used was copper. Many other cultures […]

Neolithic Age

Neolithic Age        The Neolithic Age ( 4000 BC – 2500 BC) or the New Stone Age was the last phase of the Stone Age and is characterized by very […]

Mesolithic Age

Mesolithic Age            In the Mesolithic Age, the stone tools began to be made more pointed and sharp. This era was the middle part of Stone Age. To ensure a […]

Paleolithic Age

    Paleolithic Age, also known as the old stone age appeared in India in the Pliestocene period of Ice Age. Paleolithic Age sites in India are found in Chhota Nagpur Plateau, […]

Stone Age

       The Prehistoric Period Or Stone Age        The prehistoric period or the stone age in the history of mankind can roughly be dated from 200000 BC to about 3500-2500 BC, when […]

Modern Historians

This chapter on Modern historians explains the evolution of Indian history in the written form. Initial history writing in India began with the understanding of India’s past by the British. […]