Buddhism – Simplified

Buddhism – Basic Introduction Buddhism UPSC preparation has to be done with a special strategy for it is an extremely vast area of study. Buddhism, as philosophy and way of […]

Alexander’s Invasion Of India

Alexander’s Invasion Of India – Introduction Of the many turning points of Indian history, Alexander’s Invasion Of India undoubtedly is one of the most conspicuous. Just as the Iranian invasion […]

  Iranian Invasion Of India

                         Iranian Invasion Of India – Background The Iranian Invasion Of India marked the beginning of foreign invasions on India. The Iranians were from the Achaemenid Empire. As a […]

The Cheras

The Cheras also known as the Kerelaputras was one of the 3 prominent dynasties that ruled in South India. The other 2 being – The Cholas and The Pandyas.

The Cholas

( Emblem – Tiger) The Cholas – An Introduction The Cholas, who ruled South India were a formidable force with a rather chequered history due to their repeated appearing and […]

The Pandyas

( Emblem  — Fish) The Pandyas – An Introduction The ancient kingdom of the Pandyas, with its capital at Madurai, comprised the modern districts of Madurai, Ramnad, Tirunelveli and southern […]

The Sangam Age

(300 BC to 200 AD) Introduction To The Sangam Age     Among all the classical ages that existed in India, The Sangam Age holds a distinctive position. The Sangam Age […]

 Later Vedic Age

(1000 BC – 600 BC) Introduction To Later Vedic Age     Later Vedic Age witnessed the complete subduing of the fertile plains watered by Yamuna, Gangas and Sadanira by the […]

Rig Vedic Period

(1500 BC – 1000 BC) Introduction Rig Vedic Period is that period of Indian History which has profound implications on contemporary Indian society. A characteristic feature of the Rig Vedic […]