How to Get Success in IAS Examination

August 21, 2017

Popularly known as IAS, Indian Administrative Service offers attractive and challenging career to the new youth of the country. This famous career option is also associated with glamour for those who are able to excel in their duties. IAS officers typically hold power of the nation at all levels during their job. This is one governmental position which can place you right at the top. If you are determined to make use of this opportunity, there is commendable change you can bring about in the nation while handling affairs of the government.

Job Profile of an IAS Officer

Job profile of an IAS officer at the state and central level involves framing of policies and its proper implementation as well. IAS officers at the district level concerns affairs of the district including development. At the divisional level, IAS officers look after the general administration including law and order and implemental works of various developmental works. Being a collector is a position which takes up a lot of space in an IAS officers’ long career. Apart from this, IAS officers as secretary of various government departments head the organization in order to take lead and steer development. Various administrative posts taken up by IAS officers include District Collectors, Head of the Departments, Head of Public Enterprises at state levels and being posted on deputation to serve the central government at various posts.

The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) of India

UPSC is a constitutional body which is assigned with the task of recruiting candidates to various posts through an examination process which is rigorous in nature. Bureaucracy posts which are fulfilled by UPSC examinations include Indian Administrative Service (IAS), Indian Foreign Service (IFS), Indian Police Service (IPS) and many other services which form the backbone of the administrative machinery of the states and central governments of India. IAS is basically a part of the executive branch of the central government of India.

Civil Services Examination is a Challenging Task

Yes, it is. Recruitment to several administrative bodies across the country is made possible through the Civil Services Examination. This examination is conducted by UPSC in three stages which include the preliminary examination, main examination and finally a personality test in form of an interview. The interview of this three is the toughest with a success rate ranging between 0.1 to 0.3 percent. This is why IAS aspirants need to be properly prepared for the coveted services which are sought by most candidates appearing for the civil services examination. IAS, IFS and IPS are the top popular choices which involve high prestige, benefits and salaries which come with these posts.

The Best UPSC Classes in India

Nagpur being the vice-capital city of India holds immense experience and benefits for candidates aspiring for these coveted posts. IAS coaching in Nagpur is one of the best in the country for candidates seeking UPSC classes. Being the nerve center of the central government of India, Nagpur holds a special position and which is aware of the latest trends and requirements of the civil service examination procedure. IAS preparation in Nagpur therefore holds significant prominence for a candidate who is keen on getting this coveted service job and beholds a desire to be part of the development of the nation as well. IAS coaching in Nagpur will go a long way in identifying regional weakness and working on them so as to prepare you.