Innovative English

An innovative English Class has been established at Pratap Nagar, OppDurgaMandir, the main road, Nagpur-22 for the benefit of the students for whom spoken and written English is a matter of great phobia even after completion of graduation and post Graduation in various branches.

Salient Features
  1. Teaching English effectively with an innovative method and guaranteed result.
  2. Well furnished classroom with convenient approach from any part of Nagpur.
  3. Intake of students restricted to 29 only on first cum first serve basis.
  4. Admission subject to satisfactory interview and acceptance of terms related to homework.
  5. Personal attention to each and every student.
  6. Removal of fear of English from the minds of the students.
  7. Students will be capable of writing simple and grammatically correct with confidence and will simultaneously develop ability spoken English.
  8. Duration: 2 Months , 2 Hours Daily (5 days a week)
  9. Timing : 10 am to 12 Noon (flexible)

It is rather surprising that over 70% of the students from non Convent schools cannot write or speak few correct sentences in English even after studying English as one subject for 10 to 12 years upto graduation. This certainly cannot be the fault of the students but certainly, the fault lies in the teaching method.

Generally, the grammar is taught in schools as a separate part of English to enable them to answer questions only related to English and as if it had no bearing on English as such. Unfortunately the spoken English classes run in Nagpur follow the same method. Thus it is obvious that the students who could not learn English in 10 to 12 years would learn it in 2 months time with the same old method.

Taking into consideration these facts, an innovative method has been developed after a lot of trials and errors and a near perfect ‘Module’ has been evolved to ensure that students learn to write and speak correct English in a short span 2 months.

Deliberately the number of students has been restricted to 20 in order to provide a personalized coaching program. It is necessary to give personal attention because without that it is impossible to remove the fear of English from the minds of the students.

Duration of the prevailing English classes is generally 1 Hr. Considering the short duration of the course (2 months), it is practically impossible to teach English with desired and guaranteed results. This is the reason that the duration of the classes has been kept for 2 Hrs. For the weekend students will be given homework in the form of exercises.