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Rahul Sir’s IAS Academy

is driven by the philosophy that the first and most important step toward
‘success is the feeling that we can succeed.” ‘The founder Mr. Rahul Tajnekar who is BE (Mechanical) from Delhi College Of Engineering, has a varied and vast experience in Industry, Finance, and Teaching. He has been training Civil Services aspirants for
the past 14 years. Before founding the academy he was heading ADCC IAS Academy, which is a Meghe
Group Company. Thus the long term vision is to create best UPSC coaching institute in Nagpur.

A career in Civil Services has been the most sought-after career in India since Independence. Hence there
is a need for an efficient training system which will provide some hand-holding and knowledge to the

Rahul Sir’s IAS Academy has been established to impart quality training to UPSC aspirants. Our aim is to
provide the knowledge required to pass the exam and also to inculcate in them the values and ethics
‘required to serve the country with utmost honesty and integrity.

‘The work of bureaucrats is becoming increasingly complex. Today’s environment, characterized by
disruptive politics and technology: increasing integration of the world’s economies; and major social changes all over the world, particularly India, is extremely complex. Therefore those who aspire to
become tomorrow’s leaders will need to acquire specialized knowledge, skills, and attitudes. A teaching for
the Civil Services Examination demands renewal on a continuous basis. Information and developments
bombard the candidate from all sides.

UPSC keeps on revising its pattern of examination from time to time. Our foremost concern is to provide
the most relevant and comprehensive guide to the Civil Services aspirants factoring in all the
parameters set by the UPSC for the examination. It is our endeavor to update our content and modifies our
teaching methodology accordingly. We offer to the candidates the best study material transacted by the most sought-after faculty. The Academy takes care of Prelims, Mains as well as the preparation for
the subsequent interviews.

The fact that the UPSC examination aims to test not only the candidate’s subject
knowledge but also his understanding and interpretation combined with his moral and ethical standards,
‘makes it one of the most challenging national level examinations. The academy prepares the student with
sound knowledge and inculcates in them the ability to think decisively, analyze logically, and act

At Rahul Sit’s IAS Academy

 the focus is on participatory and interactive learning. Therefore, teachers create an atmosphere that is conducive to an all-inclusive education. The students are enabled to become active agents of the teaching-learning process.in addition, latest technology and up-to-date pedagogic ‘methods are used to give our students a competitive edge over others.

Best study material
Classroom Teaching
Guest Lectures
Classroom Teaching

Considering all the above parameters,

 we persistently strive to offer the best-suited guidance programmes
which help in realizing the candidate’s dreams into a reality.

 Since IAS preparation involves long term
dedication and perseverance, due care Is taken to keep the students motivated and focused. Apart from
transacting the set syllabus, teachers encourage questioning, and taking up individual queries makes the
class interactive and participative. Every class has limited strength to ensure effective teaching and
learning. To maintain the quality of classroom teaching, regular feedbacks are taken from the students
, and suggestions are encouraged


Keeping in mind the vastness of the syllabus we have adopted a three-tier teaching methodology. The first tier of this three-tier teaching methodology of Rahul Sir's |AS Academy is the emphasis on ‘How to start IAS preparation? In this stage, our experts will help you in laying a strong foundation through teaching the basic concept of each and every area of the civil services examination syllabus. The new pattern of vil Services Examination demands fundamental clarity on each and every topic. So the utmost emphasis {s laid on building a strong foundation as ‘well begun is half done.

In the second stage, our experts move from basics to advance level of teaching which is mainly descriptive and analytical. In this stage, we give you IAS preparation guidance and also help you how to crack IAS. Here our faculty members teach each topic from different perspectives so that students can answer any kind of question from that topic. Besides, this also helps the student in developing their own pinion on that issue. In the 1st two stages we start with General Studies,

‘Once your General Studies foundations are strong, Optional has to be started. Otherwise, you will find the balance difficult. Why General Studies first? Because it carries 1250 marks and Optional is only 500 ‘marks. Optional needs time to understand and a basic foundation can be laid with the help of GS classes, at least for some popular subjects. We expose our students to various optional subjects via the respective experts so that they can choose an optional subject with due diligence.

‘Therefore, don't select the Optional in a hurry and on hearsay. Secondly, if you have studied a subject at undergraduate or postgraduate level and it figures in the UPSC’s list of Optional subjects, you are lucky. Opt for it. The exception can be a technical student seeking a social science subject or literature. otherwise, you need to get to know the field of Civil Services Examination preparation. It may take a few weeks or months. Therefore, in the NEW SYSTEM, optional preparation has to start after you have dug into General Studies.

Never go by hearsay. Apply your mind, be logical and finalize the optional. It can otherwise play the spoilsport.

‘These three tiers of our teaching methodology are interrelated stages catering to the students’ need to qualify not only in the prelims but also to get good score in Mains Examination and develop an analytical bent of mind for the Personality Test which enables you finally to crack this [AS examination.

‘Once you are at Rahul Sir's IAS Academy, there are no differences between students from the so called prestigious educational institutions and others.

Our Features

1. State of the art classrooms.

2. Well equipped library.

3. Comprehensive study material

4, Regular answer writing practice.

5. Test series for prelims.

6. Interactive teaching involving Power Point Presentation.

7. Interaction sessions with serving and retired IAS/IPS/IRS officers.

Our Faculty

Mr. Rahul Tajnekar

(Academic Head): Economy, Polity, Ethics, Geography, Science and Tech.

ivek Joshi

Aptitude, Reasoning

Mr.Piyush Tiwari

Data Interpretation

Ms.Shomanjana Chatter

Language and Comprehension

Mr.Ajay Deshmukh

History (India & World), Culture and Heritage

Ms.Trupti Shinde

Intemational Relations & World History.

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