October 2022

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The Cholas

( Emblem – Tiger) The Cholas – An Introduction The Cholas, who ruled South India were a formidable force with a rather chequered history due to their repeated appearing and […]

The Pandyas

( Emblem  — Fish) The Pandyas – An Introduction The ancient kingdom of the Pandyas, with its capital at Madurai, comprised the modern districts of Madurai, Ramnad, Tirunelveli and southern […]

The Sangam Age

(300 BC to 200 AD) Introduction To The Sangam Age     Among all the classical ages that existed in India, The Sangam Age holds a distinctive position. The Sangam Age […]

 Later Vedic Age

(1000 BC – 600 BC) Introduction To Later Vedic Age     Later Vedic Age witnessed the complete subduing of the fertile plains watered by Yamuna, Gangas and Sadanira by the […]

Rig Vedic Period

(1500 BC – 1000 BC) Introduction Rig Vedic Period is that period of Indian History which has profound implications on contemporary Indian society. A characteristic feature of the Rig Vedic […]

Chalcolithic Phase

Chalcolithic Phase      Towards the end of the Neolithic period, metals like bronze and copper began to be used. The first metal to be used was copper. Many other cultures […]

Neolithic Age

Neolithic Age        The Neolithic Age ( 4000 BC – 2500 BC) or the New Stone Age was the last phase of the Stone Age and is characterized by very […]

Mesolithic Age

Mesolithic Age            In the Mesolithic Age, the stone tools began to be made more pointed and sharp. This era was the middle part of Stone Age. To ensure a […]

Paleolithic Age

    Paleolithic Age, also known as the old stone age appeared in India in the Pliestocene period of Ice Age. Paleolithic Age sites in India are found in Chhota Nagpur Plateau, […]