October 2022

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  World Climate Zones

World Climate Zones Maps In this article we’ll learn about the various world climate zones maps as there is a huge diversity in the world in terms of Climate. The […]

    Pressure  and  Winds

                 Pressure And Winds – Introduction        In this article we shall discuss the role of Pressure and Winds in the over weather patterns along with many other details. At the […]


Major Constituents Of Our Solar System   Our solar system is the collection of heavenly bodies that encircle round the sun. It is located on the outer fringes of the Milky […]

Our Universe – In A Nutshell

Introduction to our Universe Our universe is an amazing place. It is billions of light years in size, and contains hundreds of billions of galaxies, each with hundreds of billions […]

Jainism UPSC – At A Glance

Jainism UPSC Introduction Jainism UPSC preparation has to be done in a systematic and strategic manner as it is an infrequently represented topic as far as UPSC preparation is concerned. […]

Alexander’s Invasion Of India

Alexander’s Invasion Of India – Introduction Of the many turning points of Indian history, Alexander’s Invasion Of India undoubtedly is one of the most conspicuous. Just as the Iranian invasion […]

  Iranian Invasion Of India

                         Iranian Invasion Of India – Background The Iranian Invasion Of India marked the beginning of foreign invasions on India. The Iranians were from the Achaemenid Empire. As a […]

The Cheras

The Cheras also known as the Kerelaputras was one of the 3 prominent dynasties that ruled in South India. The other 2 being – The Cholas and The Pandyas.